Exchange Classifieds offer a variety of advertising options:
Free Classifieds Adverts – Text and an image of your choice!

Effective text ads organised by category that have been getting results since 1998. Submission is simple. No registration required. Image upload available after ad has been reviewed and posted to the site. Adverts may be edited at any time.

2. Bold Paid Classifieds – Lots of extra’s for a tiny fee!

Bold classifieds ads offer you all the above plus the opportunity to take the limelight! Paid ads are posted to the site within minutes of submission and you can choose to add up to 5 images and include a working weblink to your own domain. Bold ads are also larger and get more page displays. Bold ads always appear above the free adverts. You may elect to upgrade in the ad placement process or afterwards.
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Banner Advertising – surprisingly affordable category sponsorship to reach your market!

We offer affordable banner advertising in the category of your choice to attract interested and targeted traffic to your website. Use your own graphic banner or design your own text banner with our free tool. If you found this site ranking highly on a search for your offering you can bet your customers will too. Check pricing and availability by selecting category/s and months of interest and start getting CUSTOMERS to your website TODAY.

Bold Ads Make it happen!
Because, often, the readers time and/or attention is limited, the first few ads on a page get much better response than the rest.We don’t apologise for ensuring that paying advertisers who make the free ads possible will get far better results than free advertisers.

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The top seven reasons to grab a proven bargain:

  • Bold adverts appear more often and on more pages.
  • Are always positioned above free ads
  • May include a working web-page link
  • Allow you to add 5 pictures
  • The text is 50% larger
  • Styled to grab attention.
  • Show the reader you are serious.Bold adverts offer you MAXIMUM exposure for MAXIMUM results at MINIMAL expense. Try one today and see for yourself.
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