Moving day checklist

Let’s go through the main points you should consider when organising your moving day:

•    You needn’t necessarily use the services of a removal company: If you’re moving a relatively short distance and have a vehicle suitable for your goods then it will be less costly to do it yourself. Exercise caution with valuable items as you will not be covered for dropping them. There may be some larger goods that do require the help of a removal team, but doing most of the job yourself can save you a pretty penny.

•    Arrange to switch over services immediately: We’re talking here about phone companies, internet service providers, your doctor and dentist, the local council, and any other organisation that must be aware of your address for essential correspondence. Given that it can take a few weeks to switch over telephone and broadband services, it’s worthwhile telephoning these firms one or two weeks in advance to inform them of your forthcoming move.

•    Where are the keys? Make sure you know where the keys for the new property will be on the day you move. They are most commonly available from your agent or solicitor but the date can vary. Seek clarification on when the keys will be yours and exactly who will be handing them to you.

•    Logistic concerns: If you’ve booked a lorry for the move, take a look at your new property using an online map and pinpoint entrances to the premises for large vehicles. You do not want to find that the removal truck cannot get through the small, rustic gate at the bottom of your new, picturesque, but very narrow country lane. Additionally, check that any vehicles involved in the move won’t be blocking access to next door’s drive-way or sitting on street-level disabled markings.
•    Pack properly: This is a bigger clean up than the last time you invited everyone back to yours for a house-party – but it has to be done. Don’t pack on the basis of which goods will fit inside the boxes you have available, instead think about where the items are going – that way you’re not going to end up with a tumble dryer far away from the kitchen and needing pushed into its new place.

•    Take essential supplies: You’re moving in to a new house amidst a sea of boxes and, for some readers, the tantrums of young children. You would be forgiven for not being able to find the kettle, the cutlery, or a baby’s milk bottle amongst years of collected items. Rather than rushing out to buy these items again, have a pre-packed essentials box with food, drinks, phone chargers, children’s toys, and anything else needed for the days during which the move from ‘property’ to ‘home’ isn’t quite complete.

So remember, moving house is about planning and foresight. Keep your wits about you, talk regularly to all parties involved, read all small-print, move property in an organised way, and look forward to a smooth transition into your new home.

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